Group Ski & Snowboard Lessons for 7-14 Year Olds

EISS puts a great deal of focus on great kids programs and facilities. Creating progressive kids programs backed by an international team of professional instructors is paramount in any international resort these days. The Yeti is our friendly hero. Come and learn all of the tricks of the trade with him at our friendly Hakuba Ski School.

HAKUBA HEROES (7-14 Years)

Our Hakuba Heroes Programs offer a smooth transition from total beginner through to advanced skier/snowboarder, and children can feel positive and proud of themselves as they see continual daily skill-development.

kids ski school hakuba

Children are placed into groups based on their level and instructors discuss their progress with ski school managers daily to ensure they are always placed in the group most suitable to their needs.

Kids in the Hakuba Heroes program learn to ski while having fun and making friends with others their age. Your child will be taught under the safety of qualified EISS staff members who ensure they receive the best care possible.

Yuki the Yeti - Hakuba Heroes Snowboard LessonsChildren should arrive for sign in wearing ski gear ie. Boots, outerwear, helmet, gloves and goggles.

Parents must collect a lesson ticket and complete the emergency contact form and bring to sign in counter on the day of lesson.

Clearly name all children’s clothing.

It is not required for children to bring any additional equipment or clothes or food. Please do not pack individual meals or snacks unless you wish to cater for a special dietary requirements and please inform staff at sign in if you choose to do so.

Skis should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Children who unwell, cold or tired may spend time with our friendly indoor staff at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Morning Group Lesson
    (2.5 hours)


  • Morning Prices

    1 Day: ¥9,500
    2 Days: ¥19,000
    3 Days: ¥28,500
    4 Days: ¥37,000
    5 Days: ¥45,500
    6 Days: ¥54,000
    Flexi-Week: ¥57,000

  • Full-Day Group Lesson
    (4.5 hours)

    (lunch break from 12:30-13:30)

  • Full-Day Prices

    1 Day: ¥12,000
    2 Days: ¥24,000
    3 Days: ¥36,000
    4 Days: ¥43,000
    5 Days: ¥52,000
    Flexi-Week: ¥57,000

Flexi-Week provides the flexibility to take part in full-day programs for up to 7 consecutive days for a similar price to that of 5 days. That’s 2 free days up your sleeve to have a rest day, go on a monkey tour – or for you to use in ski school!

For multi-day discounts, lesson days must be continuous and must be purchased in the same transaction.

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2017-2018 Season:
Dec 16th 2017 – Mar 25th 2018
*excluding New Year’s Day
Location: Happo-one & Iwatake Resorts, Hakuba (Heroes Snowboard not available at Iwatake).
Ages: 7-14
Levels: First time, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
*see ski level descriptions here
*see snowboard level descriptions here
Please Note:
Please make sure your children have the necessary ski equipment, clothing, goggles and helmet, gloves, warm clothes, well-fitting boots etc.
Lessons do not include lift tickets and reservations are strongly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

First remember to get your lesson ticket from an Evergreen International Ski School sign in desk.

From there, Hakuba Heroes meet at clearly marked flags at the ski school (explained when signing in). Pick up is from the same place at 13:30 for morning half-day lessons and 15:30 for full-day lessons.

Certainly. Our programs are designed to accommodate all skier /SB abilities. All guests are encouraged to discuss their own or their children’s skiing / SB ability with our staff upon their arrival. Groups are transient and are often re shuffled on an as needs basis to ensure they are working cohesively. Instructors monitor students’ progress daily, using specially designed report cards which are attached to the child’s snow wear. 
Yes! All instructors are fluent in English.
Yes. Evergreen requires that all our instructors have a minimum of a Level 1 certification from an accredited international organisation such as CSIA, NZSIA, APSI, BASI, CASI or equivalent Internationally recognized license are a current member of that association. In addition, many of our staff have current First Aid, CPR & anaphylaxis training. The majority of our instructors exceed these minimum requirements and have had many years of instructing experience.
We take allergies and medical issues very seriously at EISS.
It is imperative that any child diagnosed with asthma or anaphylaxis have their doctor signed action plan in addition to their medication with them. For 3-6yr olds, this is signed in on arrival. A child without an action plan or medication may be refused entry to the centre. Medication such as Ventolin or EpiPen must be carried on the child at all times and the child will be identified and ‘labelled’ at sign in (3-6yo). For older children, parents are encouraged to discuss these conditions when dropping of their child directly with their instructor.

We ask that you be very specific at sign in or drop off, regarding exactly what dietary requirements or medication needs your child has. Our kitchen caters to most common dietary requirements, however you are welcome to discuss any unusual requests prior to your arrival via email or phone. Whilst our chefs are trained in how to prepare allergy friendly food, and take every precaution to minimise cross contamination, we understand that some parents would prefer their child eat their own pre-prepared food. Children with diagnosed allergies are welcome to bring a packed snack and lunch, or can be picked up for lunch if you would prefer to supervise them yourself.

  • Any medication should be clearly labelled and placed in a sealed bag and signed in.
  • Action plan from doctor for asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis to be placed in this bag.
  • Children will be identified as having a medical condition or dietary requirement upon sign in and a special label will be attached to their progress tag.
  • All medication will be carried on the child or their instructor at all times whilst on snow.
  • Whilst we provide meals that cater specifically to your child’s allergies or requirements you are welcome to provide your own meal or snack if you prefer – this must be signed in and noted upon arrival.
7-14 year old beginners are unlikely to use poles for their first few lessons… it is best to await your instructors advice. Poles left in storage at the centre are stored at your own risk. It is preferred that they be left at your accommodation unless requested.
There are many variables to this, which make it very complex to answer. It is a common question however, and typically we would always start with reminding parents to have ‘realistic’ expectations. If you were to drop your child off at their very first swimming lesson, would you expect that by the end of lunch they can proficiently swim 50m butterfly? No! Of course you wouldn’t. However, it is common for parents to think that by the end of day one at ski school, that their little one be safely and independently gliding down the mountain. Now while this is possible, for the majority it is unrealistic.

Children will all learn at different rates, and typically the younger the child is the longer it takes to master a skill. One must also factor in snow condition, weather condition, physical and mental fatigue and group dynamics. A 5 or 6 year old may be skiing independently after 2-3 days, whereas it might take closer to 4-6 days for a 3yr old. There are no hard and fast rules to the rate at which children progress. However, it is important that they are enjoying themselves

My kids had not seen snow before yesterday and today they can ski!!! Fantastic instructors, so friendly and helpful. Thank you for a great experience.Jacquelyn T (Australia)
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