Find Your Ski Level

Use the following to work out the ski level of yourself and anyone else in your group.

Adults (15 Years +) & Private lessons

First Timer: Never skied before.
– Equipment familiarization, moving with skis on, stance, stopping and intro to turning.

Beginner: You know the basics. Expand your ability, learn to control speed on green runs with linked smooth, gliding turns and ride beginner lifts.

Intermediate: You can confidently link turns of varying sizes on green runs. Learn new skills and take your turns onto red terrain. Become more dynamic through the use of a variety of turn shapes and prepare for more challenging terrain.

Advanced: You are competent and confident with consistent speed control on groomed terrain. Learn how to carve short, medium and long turns, improve technique and tactics to tackle the steeps, variable conditions, terrain parks or natural terrain features.


yuki the yeti in hakuba

Yeti Club (3-6 Years)

White: I have never skied before and learning to stop.

Yellow: I can stop. I am learning to turn.

Green: I becoming a strong turner, matching at the end of my turn.

Blue: I am learning to parallel ski.

Red: I am strong parallel exploring a variety of terrain.


yuki the yeti club mascot

Hakuba Heroes (7-14 Years)

White: Never skied before.

Yellow: Able to do a strong snowplough stop and starting to turn.
– We will learn / improve our snowplough turns and explore more green (beginner) terrain.

Green: Able to link strong snowplow turns on green terrain
– We will explore more challenging red (intermediate) terrain and learn how to make parallel turns on easy terrain.

Blue: Able to link parallel turns on green terrain and stem christie on red (intermediate terrain)
– We will improve our parallel turn ability and confidence on red (intermediate) terrain.

Red: Able to link parallel turns on easy black (advanced) terrain.
 – We will improve parallel turn technique and gain confidence on more black (advanced) terrain.

Black: Able to link parallel turns with confidence on black (advanced) terrain, and be a safe and model skier.
 – We will increase our advanced skiing skills on all terrain.


yuki getting some air